Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hey, Old Friends!

There are all kinds of different social networks that we're all on these days, and use for different purposes. But it can get a bit confusing when we start cross-pollinating posts and groups to keep in touch. With this in mind, one of my old high school friends decided to create a "neutral" centralized blog for all alumni from my class to post, and it has been wildly successful. So in having beers with Glenn Mondry and Steve Pakula last week, we decided it would be pretty cool if we could do the same here, where we could catch up with all the old friends we made over the years at CPM. So start spreading the word! You can e-mail me any updates, info and pictures you'd like to put up here, or I can easily give you access to post yourself. Either way, you can e-mail me at to get the ball rolling.

I'm looking forward to catching up! Hope you are all well.

Take care,

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